My husband and I are both veterinarians and we got hooked on
Bengals when we worked in England. When we came back to South         Africa we were very disappointed to find that there are very few bengals down here. In 2006 I decided to import cats from top USA,
breeders and started a breeding program in South Africa.

The bengal cat just stuns you with it's exquisite markings and colour of a wild cat, but with a loving and very playful character. Most of
         them love water and will play with it for hours and drown their toy mice in it! They get on well with other cats and dogs and even better with my two kids.
At the moment I am just breeding brown rosetted and brown marble colours.

In my breeding program I strive for the following characteristics:

Rosetted spots
Good conformation with big muscular build
Good head profile with broad whisker pads
Wild expression
Small ears
GOOD temperaments
Silky short coats with glitter and contrast