Email me for banking details for deposit to book a kitten.
To go on waitinglist  I require a R500 deposit . This helps me to plan the matings!

PAGE UPDATED      12 November 2018

AVAILABLE: Kitten is available

ON HOLD: Someone has indicated they want the kitten, awaiting deposit

SOLD: Deposit has been paid on kitten and is not available

KEEPER: Keeping for my breeding program

UNDER EVALUATION: Might keep for my breeding program, want to give it time to around 2.5 months to develop a little more. Might become available as pet if I decide not to keep it.

Bushveld bengal kittens
bushveld bengal kittens

1. Del Mar                       x                  Clear Sky:

Fantastic litter of 4 born on 10 October. 2 rosetted boys, 1 rosetted girl and one sheeted marbled girl.
Two will go to waitinglist. Rest are all available .

GIRL 1: UNDER EVALUATION . I will most likely keep her as breeder
BUSHVELD AZIZI is retired and up for adoption. The fee is R2000 to cover sterilization. She was born Sept 2013. If you can give this girl a loving forever home please call or email. She lived in the cattery and will need some TLC to help her settle into a home enivironment. With the adults it takes a little longer than with a kitten but they do settle into their new environment pretty soon.
BOY 1:  SOLD R12 000
BOY 2: SOLD R12 000
GIRL 2: AVAILABLE R7000. Sheeted marbled colour
BOY 1: UNDER EVALUATION:. This boy has extreme contrast and is show/breeding quality. Price as stud R40 000 or R12 000 for pet.
BOY 2: SOLD. R12 000 as pet.This boy is also show/ breeding quality
This is Jewel's first litter. 2 rosetted boys and 1 rosetted girl. They have very nice rosettes and colour. Born 27 October.
BOY 1: ON HOLD. R12 000.
BOY 2: AVAILABLE. R12 000 This boy gets better by the day. Amazing rosettes and good contrast
GIRL: SOLD R12 000