Leopardetta KASPURR of Bushveld (Import)

PRA-b: N/N
PKDef: N/N
Kaspurr was bred in Russia. He has a very good head profile with big puffy whiskerpads.
His coat is short and glittered and soft as satin . His tail is perfect in length, thickness and set.
He is very muscular and bigboned. He carries for snow.
leopardette kaspurr
Paradiseapple DEL MAR of Bushveld (Import)
PRA-b: N/N by parentage
PKDef: N/N by parentage
Del Mar comes from Russia and is a big friendly cuddly boy. He has a super temperament and very richly
coloured thick pelt with large rosetting. He is pure for brown.
Paradiseapple del mar
RisnSun BLADE of Bushveld (Import)
PK def : N/N
Tested   HCM neg on 10 January 2017

This stud comes from Rising Sun Bengals in USA. He has extreme contrast with an
  ultra short satin pelt with loads of glitter. His head and profile is very good and he has a super loving
  and playful personality. I just love his bold dramatic pattern. His bloodlines is very good with some
  amazing bengals in it. He is bigboned and carry his extreme contrast to his offspring. He has sired
  some amazing kittens so far.He carries PRA and will only be mated to PRA N/N females.

Risingsun blade