Bushveld Bengals South Africa - Cattery

A loving home!
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The cattery inside               Waterfall in the cattery                                                                         Cats playing outside

As a vet I am very strict on hygiene and preventative measures to keep my cats healthy and free of disease.


Only the best cats which are 100% physically sound are used for breeding. I have a purpose built cattery for moms and babies and males that are sexually mature. They have outdoor runs and indoor kennels .
They also have a huge outdoor jungle where they can climb, run and play.

Their well being and happiness is my priority. They are my pets and get fed HILL'S Science diet cat food . I would like all my kittens to go to good loving homes where they will be cared for as one of the family. I hope to promote and improve this lovely breed in South Africa.

The cattery Bengals Playing


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